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9:15 // Opening

9:30 // Verena Hagspiel, NTNU, "Green Capacity Investment under Subsidy Withdrawal Uncertainty"

10:15 // Alberto Sardinha, IST, "Feed-in Tariff Contract Schemes and Regulatory Uncertainty"

11:00 // Coffee Break

11:30 // Artur Rodrigues, UMinho, "Finite-lived collars and capacity choice"

12:15 // Lunch

14:00 // Sergio Vergalli,  University of Brescia and Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, FEEMa and Marta Castellini, University of Brescia and Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, FEEMa "Investment in a Smart Grid under Uncertainty: the prosumer perspective"

14:45 // Pedro Godinho, UCoimbra, "Trading on the risk premium of electricity futures using machine learning"

15:30 // Coffee Break

16:00 // Paulo Canaveira, IST, "Challanges in going to 100% renewable electricity production"

16:45 // Paul Edge, EDP, "Practicalities of Integrated Market Modelling"

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